Best Affordable Split AC Units


A Review of the Best Split AC Units You Can Buy on a Budget

Best Split AC Units

Are you considering buying a split AC unit? Check out our guide as we look at the best split AC units you can buy on a budget today.

The global air conditioning market is now worth over US$95.8 million. As the planet heats up, this demand is only set to increase. So how do you find the right, long-lasting unit for your home?

One of the most cost effective and easy solutions is wall-mounted units requiring no ductwork. Below we give the split AC units and brands that you should consider. 


SKM Split AC

SKM Split Air Conditioner

SKM has an excellent range of ductless split AC units. They range from 3.5kw models for small rooms up to 10.6 kW. This makes them perfect for everything from apartments to office blocks and sports halls. 

All are crafted with extremely high efficiency, made to ESMA, MEW, and G-Mark standards, and manufactured under GCC regulations. This means they can provide a wide range of temperatures and operate in them. For example, they can work in conditions up to 50 degrees Celsius. 

All parts are of high quality. They have gold fins as standard, along with high-density durable filters, to ensure the purity of the air in your rooms. In addition, with auto 3D airflow systems and optional Wi-Fi control, you get complete command over the climate on your property.


Frego Split AC

Frego Split Air Conditioner

Frego is another well-known manufacturer of no-fuss, low-cost wall-mounted split AC units. They have a vast catalog, far surpassing that of many rivals. This means they have something for most property and room types. 

One of the most popular ranges is the Galaxy. These contain rotary compressors, air purification systems, and four-directional cold air control. With a selection of outputs, they come in a discreet casing that won't impact the look of the property. 

If you want a top-of-the-range model, take a look at their Regal line. They provide the utmost in low energy usage to cooling output. With a piston transmission, they are available from 18000 BTU up to 30,000 BTU.

Super General Split AC

Super General Split Air Conditioner

Super General is another split ac supplier with several solutions on offer for a wide range of products. Models range from small 9000 BTU versions for small apartments to large 120,000 models. Each series has slight differences from the others, which you should consider carefully. 

For example, the eForce series is one of the most advanced. Technology allows it to self-clean, so you don't have regular maintenance to worry about.

With the Follow Me/I Feel technology, air will be directed your way within the room by the machine itself. There are also sleep modes, on-and-off timers, and night display-off functions to save money on energy bills.

However, consider their SG models if you don't feel like you need all that tech. They have as much control with a Follow Me remote and a 4-way swing. A self-cleaning fan also cuts down on maintenance, and refrigerant leak detectors will keep you safe should problems occur. 

Midea Split AC

Midea Split Air Conditioner

While the Midea ductless split range is small, their price gives them a competitive edge over others. Based in China, they have come to be known as a low-cost provider that does not sacrifice performance. There are two basic models, the standard and inverter split, which can be bought in different sizes. 

Known as the Mission series, the units also offer heating functions. They may not have all the controls of others models, but parts are easy to replace should anything go wrong. Though some sections are incompatible with other models, ordering is cheap, and most places in the Middle East will have a good stock for repairs. 

Samsung Split AC

Samsung Split Air Conditioner

Samsung has long been a trusted provider of household goods and devices. Its AC range brings top performance, low prices, and a reputation many have come to trust. Of all the AC units it produces, the AR18TRHQKWKX is one of the most popular. Available in various sizes, it has a range of fan speeds that allow fast cooling before the system slows to a more consistent speed. 

An internal HD filter is excellent if you have anyone with allergies in the home or want to filter out the dust left by pets. Pollen, spores, and dirt will no longer contaminate the home. This HD filter is also washable, so with a quick rinse in cold water, it will be as good as new. 

The whole unit is also made from a Durafin corrosion-resistant material. A two-way auto swing will cool your room fast, efficiently, and reliably. 

Hitachi Split AC

Hitachi Split Air Conditioner

The most popular Hitachi split AC in the Middle East is the ESE012ABDA2EU. It features a rotary compressor and has a 3 Star Energy rating, so you won't rack up huge bills while keeping the home cool. 

Control is the key with this model, providing five fan speeds, an on/off timer, and auto fan speed which can all be set using the wireless remote. In addition, the stainless steel-coated filter provides long-lasting durability. Added to this are dry and cool modes, with an auto filter clean indicator to tell you when the system needs some maintenance.


Need Help Choosing a Split AC?

Now you know the main split ac brands, you need to choose the right one. Know the size of the room you need to cool and set a budget. You should then speak with an expert about any added features and energy efficiency you require. 

HVAC Souq should be your first stop. We have a complete range of AC solutions for all purposes. Contact one of our experts today and let us keep you cool this season.


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